A strong Warehousing and Distribution System is the key to success in the global market.

These can remarkably reduce the logistic costs of clients. The warehousing services are offered with different options of warehouses at prime locations along with best in class design tools, processes and systems. Then, our distribution services ensure that the consignments reach right place, at right time. A planned process is followed that helps in taking care of client's goods.

Bonded Warehousing
The Bonded Warehouses can easily store the dutiable goods without any payment of duty. The goods can be manipulated or undergo manufacturing operations in the bonded warehouses. We have both open and covered warehouses as per the requirements of the goods.

Service Highlights
1. No payment of custom duty.
2. Cargo is stored under a relatively cheaper option as compared to an ISO container.
3. Location of warehouses in close proximity to the sidings & ICDs where imports arrive in the first place.
4.No transfer costs.
4. Dedicated professional security round the clock.
5. In the case, where imports are cleared at our bonded warehouses, then additional handling charges can be avoided while in bonding.

Private Warehousing
Private Warehousing or proprietary warehousing is the separate storage facility that is established and maintained by large companies or single manufacturing units. These warehouses are supervised and operated as a separate unit within a company.

Service Highlights
1. The clients are facilitated with various tax as well as intangible benefits.
2. Cost less in long term.
3. Better availability and use of human resources.

Supply Chain Management
Through our holistic policy and innovative thinking we are competent to make supply chains that are active, adaptable, approachable and visible. We make performance-based supply chains that forces costs down and benefits up.

Service Highlights
1. Individualized customization for each customer unique supply chain requirements
2.Global price management, procurement, and risk mitigation
3. Leverage Global Materials Spend and Financial Strength
4. Standardized global supply chain management systems and process with associated IT supply chain infrastructure
5. Continuous Focus on Cost Management
6. Optimized vertical and virtual supply chain solutions via strategic global supply base.

Special Stock Handling
Our stock handling service combines an automatic order processing and warehouse managing system with a committed account management team for the supreme efficiency. Our processes are completely integrated with our in-house software, facilitating for real-time stock handling. Our management system allows precise and transparent stock control whilst our client-dedicated system facilitates time saving and minimizing your handling and storage costs.
1. Special handling projects - Tailored transport solutions for additional complex logistical assignments.
2. Service logistics - Inventory control solutions comprise of storage, delivery and returns.
3. Fulfillment services - Stock management. Pick, pack consolidation and distribution.

Service Highlights
Fast and cautious physical handling is key points in quality to provide. Our careful handling with advanced processing methods ensure integrity in physical cargo handling.
2. Adaptability
We are competent to adjust our operations as per the requirement of our clients.
3. Tracking
We use standards messages to provide real-time information and position of each shipment.
4. Security
Security audits and dangerous goods inspections are performed timely.
5. Network
An integrated network taking sides in and out road feeding of stock shipments.
6. Communication
Direct communication through the key account manager facilitates for prompt, direct attention to the individualized requirements of the customer.

3rd Party Logistics Provider
We are a firm that provides outsourced or third party logistic services to the companies for either all or some of their supply chain management functions. The third party logistics includes integrated warehousing and transportation services that can be customized as per the requirements of our clients and the demands of products and materials.

Service Highlights
1. Minimal capital investment
2. Multi-carrier capabilities
3. Advanced access systems to manage inventory and shipments
4. Ensure fast implementation of your distribution solution.

Goods Distribution Services
The Goods Distribution Services encompasses almost all the destinations for the ease of our clients. We have one of the largest and most efficient distribution networks in the country. A well maintained fleet under our name ensure speedy and secure delivery of goods.

Service Highlights
1. Strategic flow-through warehouse planning within dedicated or shared warehouse facilities.
2. We apply loss prevention strategies that results in less claims and inventory loss prevention while loading and at the time of delivery.
3. The accuracy and integrity of shipment is ensured with inbound and outbound scanning.
4. The tracking system is installed for rapid shipment information transfer.
5. Secure on-site or off-site warehousing that eliminate additional costs to your business.

Worldwide Storage Facility
We offer Worldwide Storage Facility to our clients as per their requirements. These warehouses serves as place where client's can store their belongings as per their usage requirements in that particular country.

Service Highlights
1. Owned warehouse with all the facilities
2. No worry about the stored goods
3. Cargo Insurance
4.Tax advantages
5. Less costly in long term

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